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Trident Monster Disk


This new design incorporates 2 "Prongs" that can be used for a couple different purposes. When installed facing the tip on the blade, with a slight twist they will catch the edge of your pocket and help deploy your knife. They are also SUPER aggressive catches for your thumb, ensuring a solid grip and deployment in the most extreme conditions. Available in Titanium and Zirconium in all finishes and colors.

Important note: These will work ONLY with Emerson knives, and NOT ZT06XX Series knives. This disk will chew up the corner of your pocket with extended deployment use. It’s toothy and grippy!!! You knife will need some clearance for the prongs to catch your pocket, for example the "A100" with it's deep set blade and very little clearance will not be a good candidate for deployment use, but it will ALWAYS give you the utmost grip.